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Painting in the Field

Spring Creek in the Mowbray Valley Far North Queensland is a great place to sit and paint. I love using the watercolours in the field to capture light and movement. Spring Creek is down the road from my studio, making a nice break out into the field. It's a relaxed outing with small palates of watercolour paint and a small selection of brushes. I use an A4 210 gsm watercolour paper pad. Water from the creek is perfect and feel right to use. I have used some Japanese ink to complete, a gift from a friend's recent trip to Japan. I am using a good wash brush to achieve the main background. Take care of leaving the white space. Second layers will create the light and shade variants. Patience is always required; drying times in between coats is essential. I always try to work quickly as the light will change. Often I will make up to ten watercolour studies in the field of the same landscape. I use these little thirty-minute watercolour paintings to capture compositions for works on canvas back in the studio; however; sometimes, they are good enough to sell as a watercolour painting. I often gift them to favourite clients, friends and family. On this lovely morning, I was listening to retro tunes on the headphones while painting. Sometimes mood can play a roll in the outcome. I recommend painting in the field as a great exercise before painting a significant work. Confidence in the subject as well as, subtle little extra insightfulness will begin to appear in your artworks. Pinning them up on the wall of your studio will assist, and often I take my favourite bits from each watercolour painting in the field. Ps, take some snacks and a flask to enjoy your time out of the studio. And maybe some bug spray and sun protection for painting watercolours in the field.

Water Colours in the field 

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